Reviews of the national hockey teams for you (Part 2)

3. Swedish hockey team – 3630 points

Usually the Swedish national hockey team is called Tre Tre-Krunur ‘(Swe. Tre Kronor), translated from the Swedish word Ba Ba crown. The name has been assigned to the national team since February 1938, when for the first time at the world championships in Prague the national team players wore sweaters with the three blue crowns pictured above. In a yellow background, this image is a popular symbol of Sweden alongside its flag and emblem. The Swedish hockey team is one of the top in the world and along with the Canadian, Russia, USA, Finland, Slovakia and Czech Republic teams, are included in the so-called seven big hockey.

4. Finnish hockey team – 3575 points

The team represents Finland in international ice hockey tournaments. Managed by the Finnish Hockey Federation. The national team was first formed in 1928, at IIHF Finland was originally represented by the federation of speed skating, the country’s hockey organization formed a year later. The Finnish national team is the twice world champion (1995, 2011) and is one of the strongest national teams. Now she is in third place in the IIHF rankings. In Finland, 52 597 hockey players are registered, representing about 1% of the country’s population.

5. US National Hockey Team – 3540 points

The American team is the owner of the World Cup, winning the World Cup and winning the Olympic Games twice. Occupying 4th place in the IIHF rankings in 2016. The United States’ most famous success was the ice magic at the 1980 Olympics in Lake Placid (USA), when the players were born. Members can win the team’s favorite tournament, the Soviet Union. Next, the Finnish national team was defeated and Olympic gold won.

9. Belarus national hockey team – 3075 points

A team that represents Belarus in international ice hockey tournaments. The first match was held on November 7, 1992. Best results at the World Championship – 6th place, 2006, at the Olympic Games – 4th place, 2002. In the standings of the International Hockey Federation, occupying ninth place.