The rules of the game and how to determine the score for the fastest hockey score to win (Part 1)

Hockey Betting, also known as Ice-Hockey, is a game where players will bet on winning chances in a game sold by a credible bookmaker. There are 2 teams participating in the Ice Hockey game. With a team structure, each team

The 5 best ice hockey stars of all time

If you’re exploring ice hockey, don’t forget the five most famous figures in hockey history in the country. 1. Wayne Gretzky Wayne Gretzky is the first player in the history of the National Hockey League ( NHL) to score 200

Chances for the Russian team to win

Hockey Club 2020 Qualification Teams will represent their countries at the 2020 World Youth Championship: Group A: Finland Switzerland Sweden Slovakia Kazakhstan  Group B: USA Russia Canada Czech Republic The entire list of games with precise times will be available

All you need to know about Lokomotiv Yaroslavl- legendary hockey team

The famous Russian ice hockey team went through a lot of ups and downs before they received a dark shock: almost all of its members were killed by a plane crash. Lokomotiv Yaroslavl is a professional Russian ice hockey team

Reviews of the national hockey teams for you (Part 3)

7. Czech national hockey team – 3495 points The Czech national team – one of the teams of the “Big Hockey Seven”, is the top national team alongside the national teams: Russia, Canada, Sweden, Slovakia, Finland and the United States. The

Reviews of the national hockey teams for you (Part 2)

3. Swedish hockey team – 3630 points Usually the Swedish national hockey team is called Tre Tre-Krunur ‘(Swe. Tre Kronor), translated from the Swedish word Ba Ba crown. The name has been assigned to the national team since February 1938, when

Reviews of the national hockey teams for you (Part 1)

Reviews of the national hockey teams were announced by the International Hockey Federation. How are places in this ranking distributed? Everything is simple – based on the results of the games held and participating in world championships.  What does this review

Prediction Analysis for Teams in the 2019 Ice Hockey World Championships

The 2019 season the Ice Hockey World Championship ended with a win that favoured Sweden over Switzerland in Denmark. The 2019 season was hosted by Slovakia between the 10th and the 25th of May. It was the second time that

Analysis of the 2019 Ice Hockey World Championships

The 2019 Ice Hockey World Championship was nothing short of thrilling. Four groups closed the group stage before the quarter-finals. The group stages were a great win for Britain who defeated France by 4-3 during overtime. Robert Dowd, Mike Hammond,

Facts on the Ice Hockey World Championships and the Corona Pandemic

With uncertainties continuing to flood different institutions amid the corona pandemic, the International Ice Hockey Federation cancelled the 2020 World Championship. The decision to cancel came after the federation admitted that Switzerland might not be the hosting country for this