Not boxing, this sport still requires competitors to fight on the arena

The fight between two or more players concludes only when one participant slips on the ice, and the referee is responsible for dissolving the brawl.

Ice hockey is an ice skating sport on the two sides of the competitors, taking place on a flat ice rink using a spherical disk composed of vulcanized rubber. 

Pucks are also permitted to freeze before high-level games to minimize bounce and vibration on the ice. Hockey is a common sport in North America and in Europe. 

United States, Canada, Finland, Latvia, Czech Republic and Slovakia… These are the countries that enjoy this sport in particular. Ice hockey is played at various levels and all genders. 

The International Federation of Ice Hockey (IIHF) is the governing body of the international sport

Ice hockey has been held at the Winter Olympics since 1924, as well as at the Summer Olympics in 1920. Women’s ice hockey was introduced to the 1998 Winter Olympics. 

As a ferocious game on the rink, often players can hardly manage the pace and lead to confrontation between two or more individuals.

The North American hockey league has one strange thing: it requires players between two teams to battle each other to settle ice collisions. It is also used as a way to display manly bravery and courage.

According to the North American hockey tradition, each team normally has one tall, solid, most offensive player named “goon.” This person is often ready to complain or rush to strike the adversary with dust when there is an argument or a confrontation.

However there are separate rules for hockey fighting: only hand-to-hand fights are permitted, hockey sticks are allowed, and shoes are taken off. The battle only stops whenever the attacker lands on the ice, and the referee is responsible for dissolving the brawl. 

Despite the widespread outrage from journalists and sports fans around the world, the rules that allow a hockey game to be fought remain intact. 

North American hockey enthusiasts not only come to the field to see gorgeous goals, they even come to watch “boxing on the ice”.