Google honors Jacques Plante: The best NHL goalie in history

Who is Jacques Plante, whom Google recognizes as the “revolutionary” of ice hockey ?

Jacques Plante: the greatest NHL player in history 

Formed on January 17, 1929, Jacques Plante, whose full name is Joseph Jacques Omer Plante, died on February 27, 1986. He’s a former ice hockey goalie. 

Joseph Jacques Omer Plante was known as one of the most important “revolutionaries” in ice hockey in a career spanning 28 years, from 1947 to 1975.

The Canadian goalie played for the Montreal Canadiens team from 1953 to 1963, when his team won the Stanley Cup six times, including five straight titles.

While retired in 1965, he was convinced to return to the National Hockey Union to play for the St. Johns Open because of his talent and unwavering commitment to Canadian hockey. In 1968, Louis Blues. 

He later joined the North American World Hockey Association in 1973 as the Quebec Nordiques team’s coach and general manager. He then played for the Edmonton team in 1974 and formally retired from his professional hockey career with the team in 1975.

Ice hockey “Revolutionary”

The explanation why Joseph Jacques Omer Plante was considered one of the “revolutionaries” of ice hockey was that he had made many first” inventions in this famous cold country. 

Joseph Jacques Omer Plante was the first NHL goaltender to wear a goalie mask in a gameplay that was ruled by the laws of the law. Not stopping there, he also created and tested a number of masks (including the forerunner to today’s head-to-head helmet combination) with the aid of other hockey experts.

He was also the first hockey goalie to consistently direct and inspire his teammates to strike when on goal defense

During his ten years as a Montreal Canadiens player, he and his teammates won the Montreal Canadiens Dream Team in 1985. 

With a record of 437 games played during his 28 years as an ice hockey goalie, Joseph Jacques Omer Plante is ranked 7th among NHL goaltenders in history.