Analysis of the 2019 Ice Hockey World Championships

The 2019 Ice Hockey World Championship was nothing short of thrilling. Four groups closed the group stage before the quarter-finals. The group stages were a great win for Britain who defeated France by 4-3 during overtime.

Robert Dowd, Mike Hammond, Ben Davies and Robert Farmer were the four names behind each score for the British team. Ben O’Connor gave three assists and Bowns contributed 33 saves to the win. Although Antony Rech scored twice for the French team, his performance was not as significant as the win for Britain.

In totality, the performances did not change a thing from Group A since both teams finished at the bottom of their group.

Team Performance in the Group Stages

In Group B, Sweden put to death Latvia’s dream for advancing to the knockouts when it won 5-4. Just like Britain, the goals for Sweden were from five different players while their goalkeeper provided 25 saves. Latvia’s team had three goals from Roberts Bukarts but that was not enough to keep their dream alive.

Sweden joined Russia who were at the top of the Group B table with 18 points, to the knock off stage. Canada won 5-0 against Denmark moving to the second position in Group A. Their final group game did not mean much in terms of advancing to quarterfinals but gave a reliable indication of proceeding to the next round.

The last group of the four was Italy vs. Austria where Italy won 4-3 in the final shootout of the game. The only effect was that it moved ahead of Austria but both remained at the bottom of their group. The winning goal was scored by Sean McMonagle, while the other three scores were from Anthony Bardaro, Simon Kostner and Marco Rosa. The win was a two-point earn for Italy and only one point for Austria.