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Gazoobi Tales is a small, independent publisher focusing on meritorious works that other publishers might overlook. Interested in the ongoing issues that challenge humanity. Especially receptive to native american or working class perspectives.

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We offer perfect bound paperback books, chapbooks and spoken word CDs for sale, payable through PayPals secure links. Book dealers should email their UBI to inquire about wholesale rates. Delivery is free, through USPS.

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Here is a list of links to services, news sources, poets and authors, organizations and other publishers. If you would like your link posted here, send it. If you have a website, we would expect you to also post ours.

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If you have a poem you wish to share with visitors to this website, send it as a PDF or RTF or TXT file. Just type the poem in line for line (no fancy tabs or spacing). Leave the formatting to us. Please include your reading of the poem (an MP3 audio file). Your email must contain a specific one-use release (permission) for us to use the poem on our website as well as your pledge that you actually own the poem. If the poem has been published, give us the info so we may credit your publisher. Work unsuitable for the web will of course not be posted.

profiles of poets published by gazoobi tales

Thomas Hubbard

Tiffany Midge

M.Anne Sweet

John William Kulm

Dave Caserio

Poem from Children Remember Their Fathers

Mary Eliza Crane

Jennifer Haggerty

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