The Impact of Partnerships with the Ice Hockey World Championships on Companies

Ice hockey is the ninth most popular sport in the world. Over the years, this sport has captured the attention of many fans, with over two million players registered under the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF). Although the game is played during winter and with many people having the perception that it is for countries that experience ice-cold seasons, the championships have involved over 70 countries with the Ice Hockey Championships being one of the most significant professional leagues.

To maintain such high popularity and relevance, the league works with different local companies that help with its communication and marketing strategies. Already, hockey is no longer known as America’s forgotten sport thanks to its ability to track back its roots.

The Case of Cooper&Hunter

An excellent example of a company that has reaped several benefits from partnering with the sport is Cooper&Hunter. The company was a significant partner in the 2017 Ice Hockey World Championships in Kyiv, Ukraine. The games drew around 60,000 fans who watched 15 matches across six game days. The games saw the promotion of Austria in Division I to the 2018 IIHF championships and also the Korean team.

The company promoted a healthy lifestyle using terms such as reliability, speed and power, ice and coolness, which are all in line with Cooper&Hunter as a brand and relate to ice hockey products. It was obvious why the company chose hockey as the primary sport to market its corporate theme in support of the sportsmen and the event.

Cooper&Hunter made the 2017 game come alive, building excitement and enhancing the uniqueness of the event. As a result, the company got massive followers by combining both hockey fans and C&H brand enthusiasts.

Such partnerships have given companies different opportunities to support sports as they, too, benefit from more marketing. More people associate them with the games they love, which leads them to appreciate their products.