The 5 best ice hockey stars of all time

If you’re exploring ice hockey, don’t forget the five most famous figures in hockey history in the country.

1. Wayne Gretzky
Wayne Gretzky is the first player in the history of the National Hockey League ( NHL) to score 200 points in a single season, and Gretzky has accomplished this achievement four times in his career.

He also holds the record for the quickest result, with 50 goals in 39 matches
Gretzky sparked a passion for hockey in California during his time with the Kings of Los Angeles, ultimately turning the Golden State into one of the fastest developing hockey venues in the United States.
2. Bobby Orr
Having spent just ten seasons in the NHL, Orr controls his position by perfecting the skills and art of an offensive defenseman. While Doug Harvey was a visionary in developing a play style that made the defenders shine, Orr was the one who carried the concept to a whole new level.
3. Mario Lemieux
Last season for Laval Voisins, Mario Lemieux scored 282, in 70 games. He came close to the 200-point mark of the 1988-1989 season with 85 goals and 114 assists. His job had been disrupted for three seasons due to health concerns. Lemieux will still be remembered as one of the best names on the ice.
4. Gordie Howe
Howe is a player with over 800 goals in NHL history. With six MVP titles in ten years, Howe really ruled his time. His career spanned from the conclusion of the Second World War to the middle of the Cold War, including 32 professional seasons at the NHL and World Hockey Association.
5. Jaromir Jagr
With great power, physics and playing skills, Jaromir Jagr can comfortably achieve a career-leading record of more than 800 without a three-year pause. He’s also the most successful player at the age of 43 and is most sought after by the NHL teams.