Prediction Analysis for Teams in the 2019 Ice Hockey World Championships

The 2019 season the Ice Hockey World Championship ended with a win that favoured Sweden over Switzerland in Denmark. The 2019 season was hosted by Slovakia between the 10th and the 25th of May. It was the second time that Slovakia got to host these championship’s’ games. The season started with a total of sixteen teams who were segmented in two groups, each having eight teams.

Team Analysis

Of the 16 teams, eight had the upper chance of winning. These eight include Russia, USA, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, Finland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Finland had played in ten finals to the 2019 season and only won in two. However, the country is known to have excellent NHL players. Their 2019 draft for this championship was however not as populated with NHL players as one had thought. However, the Finland team surprised everyone with remarkable results.

Any finals without the Canadians would be a surprise. This is the team known to be the most successful with 26 world title wins. Though they do not tag their major players to the IIHF championships like the USA team, they still have a good team on the ice. Their prospects looked as good as ever for the 2019 win but not with much depth.

Sweden and Switzerland, being in the 2018 finals were expected to try and reach the finals in the 2019 season as well. Sweden had been the world champions twice in a row and winning the 2018 season would have made them three times in a row winner. Only Canada holds the title which they collected in the 1950s games. Sweden already has 11 world championships which gives them a good prospect for future wins.

The USA is a team, on the other hand, that has not had as good results as expected since the 1960s. However they still managed to get a bronze medal in the 2018 season.