Marketing Tactics Deployed During the Ice Hockey World Championships

The best way of being part of the ice hockey world championships is watching it live. Unfortunately, most people only get to watch it through broadcast. The biggest challenge about broadcasts to sponsors is what it takes for a stadium

Historical Facts on the Ice Hockey World Championships

The International Ice Hockey Federation holds the Ice Hockey World Championships as an annual event. Between 1910 and 1932, the European Championship preceded the IIHF championship and the first world tournament was considered in 1920 during the Summer Olympics. Initially,

The Impact of Partnerships with the Ice Hockey World Championships on Companies

Ice hockey is the ninth most popular sport in the world. Over the years, this sport has captured the attention of many fans, with over two million players registered under the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF). Although the game is

The Cancelation of the Women’s Ice Hockey World Championships

The IIHF has had to halt its events, including the 2020 World Women’s Championship, due to the corona pandemic. Truro and Halifax in Nova Scotia were the host towns of the event that was to take place between the end

Analysis of the Final Ice Hockey World Championship Match and Finland’s Win

Finland won the world championship for the third time in history after beating Canada by 3-1 at Bratislava. This is the first time the team took home the championship cup in the last eight years. The experience seemed like a

Exploring Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is among the most popular sports in the USA and parts of Europe. Over the years, it is increasingly getting embraced by casinos as a sport people can wager on. This is because of the huge number of