Marketing Tactics Deployed During the Ice Hockey World Championships

The best way of being part of the ice hockey world championships is watching it live. Unfortunately, most people only get to watch it through broadcast. The biggest challenge about broadcasts to sponsors is what it takes for a stadium advertisement to reach a geographical audience.

It is the aim of every brand to remain relevant by creating specific messages for a target audience. Thanks to Infront and Vizrt, a leading company in 3D and sports analysis, a solution on how to have virtual non-intrusive campaigns for different targeted audiences was made. It was deployed during the ice hockey world championships.

Localised Brands and Global Tournaments

At the Copenhagen Royal Arena, four rink boards are virtually overlaid, each of which are four metres in size and use machine-learning for better advertising solutions. While these boards at the corner and behind the goals are advertising the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) to the spectators in the arena, viewers at home get totally different messages.

This efficiency is made possible by overlaying virtual advertising to advertising boards. This gives brands the advantage of opening their world to a whole other marketing level. Consequently, such an innovation has delivered a new value to tournament sponsors.

Bruno Marty, the head of Winter Sports, mentioned that this method offers a new way for sponsors and brands to target their audiences on purpose. This process had always been limited until this discovery. Fans are already used to seeing targeted ads on other platforms and so it was about time that global broadcasts deliver specific adverts from the house to a targeted audience.

After the 2018 international ice hockey world championships, Infront assessed the aspects of the project keeping in mind the cost, techniques and stakeholders’ opinions. This assessment was used to determine if the method of advertising was to continue. Rene Fesel noted this as the IIHF effort to support innovative virtual advertising.