Chances for the Russian team to win

Hockey Club 2020 Qualification Teams will represent their countries at the 2020 World Youth Championship:

Group A: Finland Switzerland Sweden Slovakia Kazakhstan 

Group B: USA Russia Canada Czech Republic

The entire list of games with precise times will be available on the official website of the International Ice Hockey Federation

Russian hockey players will be playing in a game against very tough rivals. Russia joins the national teams of the United States, Canada, the Czech Republic and Germany. In all, all but the German National Team were one of the hockey favourites. The Czech team can also be considered a dangerous competitor because, apart from the excellent abilities, the indigenous ice aspect can not be overlooked.

Russian fans are awaiting a golden award from the players. The squad has every hope of being the strongest in 2020 and every year the Russian team stays in the top three. Young athletes took the final gold back to their nation in 2011. At the 35th World Youth Championship in the USA, boys defeated Canadian youth in the finals at 5:3.

However, as usual, the outcomes of the games can be entirely random. But at the 2019 World Cup, Canada’s best side almost entirely left the tournament. Russian hockey players actually showed a high-quality team display at the championship. This was acknowledged by the organisers of the World Cup and FDR’s first vice president, Roman Rotenberg. Coach Oleg Bragin was also happy with the game of hockey. The juvenile was eighth, defeating Switzerland. Bragin notices that the players expect more in the conflict with the United States. After the loss, some people were unable to hold back their emotions. The young hockey players, though, played a fine game, the coach summed up. According to him, Russia has the chance to be the winner of the 2020 championship.